Beyond The Art: Daniel Kasidi

Popcrn Team

The uniqueness of art is the most relatable fact to every good creator. Art, in whatever form, embodies the unique personality, feeling, message, and style of the creator. "There are no traditionally right or wrong ways of learning or expressing art. Everyone has their process and style of interpretation, and understanding your style helps you condition your mind to use art to sort out technical things." says Daniel Kasidi, the founder of Rastaclat, as he runs through his journey as a creator in an insightful interview. 

Among competing interests and passions, there is always that one that engrosses you. This is the experience of most creators. The moment you lose yourself to your imagination and subconsciously allow art to flow through you is the point you know you really love what you do. “When I was much younger, I got lost designing logos using the paintbrush software. To this day, anytime I have a project that requires me to open [Adobe] Illustrator, I get lost in time because the art flows through me."

Defining Success and Influence in Art

Every good creator knows that doing high quality work is not negotiable. However, beyond excellence, you need to connect with your audience or consumers in a special way. Your art has to do something extra and different to them. For Daniel Kasidi, growing his handmade bracelet made from shoelaces was more than just art or the product. “I think it was great that people loved the product and the art behind it. However, they are inspired by the creativity and how I make them feel. My product is beyond the bracelet. Its importance is in the fact that my art, a simple form of expression, reaches to them and makes an emotional connection. It’s magical; it’s different!" Daniel’s growth, charity outreach, products, and the brand, are keyed upon creating meaningful connection with people, “Inspire them, and giving them a sense of positivity, inspiration, and confidence. Now, that's success." 

For Daniel, success means reaching out, and while he argues that the benchmark for success should not be hinged on ‘Social media followers, likes, and comments,’ a brand should definitely define what success means. “It could be whatever you want it to be.” Daniel says. “It’s your responsibility to identify what is authentic to you. You must understand your mission, vision, and KPI—Key Performance Indicator.”

Progressing as an Artist and Creating a Brand

A scientific or methodological approach helps to achieve progress, even in art. “If you are an artist and there’s no science behind your work, it’d be very hard to achieve results because you are just putting out arts, which is cool. And while many people will love what you put out, you may not make meaningful impact or grow because you’re not sure where you want to go.” Understanding where you are and where you want to be are essential to art creation. Question is, where do you see your work in the next five years?

The Creator’s World

The working environment that the creator builds has a lot of impact on how he works. A survey by the Swedish Arts Grant Committee revealed that, “84% of artists perceived deficiencies in their physical working environment affecting their work.”  Our social environments influence our ability to be creative. A favorable perception of the work environment and a strong intrinsic motivation help the creator to flow. "Having an environment that allows you to flow in your most natural and undistracted state of mind is key. I love being in open spaces with really good lighting and creative things around me. Light and music put me in high creative spirits."

Mastering Yourself and Your Health

Coping with stress in tough times is a great way to keep your head up and focus on your goal. You can go through terrible situations; yet, remain still and focused on the work at hand. Alluding to the troubling times of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, Daniel said, “It was like finding that one flower and just focus on that flower growing up from the ground even while the world is crumbling.” You must find a way to focus on the things that are beautiful in life. Channel your energy positively and sustain consistent growth and productivity. 

In his last words, Daniel reiterates the importance of positivity and focus in the life of an artist. “You need a resilient mind with the ability to focus and focus on things that are positive. Whatever you focus on becomes your reality. So, focus on the beauty.”