The Importance of Collaborating as a New Creator

Popcrn Team

Of premium importance to the art industry, is not just the specialization of skills but making appropriate collaborations to achieve success. Collaboration, a word now commonly associated with the corporate world did not necessarily stem from it. It’s a simple word that depicts the coming together of two or more people, perhaps, groups using their various areas of expertise to achieve a common goal. 

Collaboration has been so infused into our individual daily lives such as at our places of work, schools, and industries that we hardly even notice it. For industries such as art, where survival is not just dependent on branding but also on how well you market your products/services, collaboration should be seen more as a means to giving each other the needed push towards accomplishing professional feats, rather than as a competition. This way, we are tuned towards looking out for ways to express our individualities while collaborating with others.

The art of photography is a skill that involves learning, unlearning, and even re-learning certain things. I bet your initial attempt at photography wasn’t one that came out really awesome especially with regards to fashion-themed images. However, I’m pretty sure your level of interest in the art and your interest in drawing inspiration from famous photographers kept you going. This is just about how the first phase of photography begins for almost if not all of us engaging in the art. 

You should know that developing your skills and riding high on the wings of perfection with regard to photography requires strategic collaborations. Consciously make plans on the people you desire to collaborate with to make your images top-notch. Look out for models, stylists, and make-up artists that would give you the perfect image at heart that you desire in such a model. Simply start by penning down the exact specifications to look out for in the people you intend to collaborate with. This is quite important because as it becomes a teamwork sooner or later, you cannot afford to work with people you are not comfortable with/people that will not give you your desired results.

So, if you decide to collaborate with other artists, the images you have of the models will project to the artists you desire to work with your level of competency. If they are thrilled by what they see, they’ll proceed to work with you. The same thing goes for you while you’re also in a search for who and who to collaborate with.

How Collaborations Keep You At Your Best

Expand Your Portfolio

One vital way to secure yourself a space in the world of art is to set up a photography/modeling website. Collaboration expands your portfolio through a concept termed “time for print’’. Time for print is used when you have certain photographers you desire to collaborate with but who are willing to have their services provided for free and also on the basis of getting the images of models that you have taken. This way, you don’t get to spend a dime and your portfolio expands at the same time.

Learn New Things

No man is an island and whether we like it or not, humans constantly profit from a life of dependency on one another. This is why as a photographer, you can’t exist in isolation. Once you risk isolation, you risk extinction from the art. Working with other people on a common project brings to light the various skill deposits and expertise that various individuals have which you as an individual do not possess. The beautiful thing about skills is that they can be learned. So, are you a photographer who has always admired the images of another photographer and you don’t seem to know how the individual goes about it? Seek collaborations that will help you get new learning experiences.

Connect With The Right People

Collaboration is one sure way to gain access to the limelight. Some people have gone ahead of you in the industry, in the same vein, certain people could serve as a link between you and the big wigs of the art industry. So, to secure your way to the top, learn how to make moves geared towards collaborating with these people. This way, you get yourself a place at the top while living your dreams to their fullest.  

3 Ways To Attract Collaborations

Attend Events Related to Your Field

Nothing beats getting a company of photographers in a room discussing the latest techniques involved in capturing moments and people. Being in the company of such people helps you to learn new techniques, and in the process, form new alliances.

Reach Out to Creatives You Admire

All thanks to social media as it has made the world a global village where you can connect to myriads of people. Do you see any photographer whose work you admire? Reach out to them in all politeness with specs of cordiality for a collaboration.

Offer Value In Return

To collaborate with other creatives, learn to not just be a person who collects and never gives. You should also bring something of value to the table. It doesn’t always have to be in monetary terms, you could offer high yielding values, and this way, everybody benefits from the relationship.